"Grow Your Purpose"

Step one:  Figure out what you bring to the table.

Step two:  Bring it to the table with everything you have.                                                                                                    

                                                 -hannah brencher

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"As you work with Leah, you may discover seemingly coincidental synchronicities begin to blossom; like new opportunities, sudden realizations, perspective shifts, and tiny little miracles. But these are no accident. Leah's program intentionally plants these seeds, and lovingly nurtures them into circumstance. That's how she helps your life "BLOOM".

                                                      - Judy R.



Leah Zubik


For years, I felt like a bystander in my own life.  I allowed everything around me to set the pace and set the bar, and over time it carved out a version of who I am.

Then my life standard became all about keeping up with that version! 


I made life choices that I thought would ease my fears and appease others, but it did not give me the validation and sense of purpose that I was longing for.

I began asking the question: "Who am I, really?"; "Why does my life not feel like mine?"


E.E. Cummings said, "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

I wanted to know. No matter what.

Some of my worst fears in life came true, but I am alive and well to tell you about them. And how discovering my core purpose has empowered me to be the cause of my experiences, instead of living at the effect of my experiences.

love, leah


Jo M.

"I was floundering to know who I really was at my core. My experience with Leah in Bloom was amazing, and as I worked with her I came to find my core essence. Now, when I'm making decisions I can determine if it lines up with my core essence!"

Jenn M.

"I always leave my time with Leah feeling lighter because I know that someone else understands. She creates a calming atmosphere, is a wonderful listener and gifted at holding space for others."

Priscilla G.

"Leah has a gift for creating a safe place, where I felt permission to not be afraid of my own brain space. She is passionate and confident about what she is doing."


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